The Gnostics on Healing Humanity and the Coronavirus

The Gospel of Thomas, the focus of the Nag Hamadhi Texts, has much to say about our modern world and even the Coronavirus.

You see the Gnostics believed that the creation of humanity, created in a way that their creator, who they called “Father”, which I will also call the Light, was not meant to be. A being called Error fell away from the Light and became nervous and then afraid so she created beings that would keep her company.
The Light did not reject these beings but instead placed it’s Light into each of them so that humans could discover the Light within them then to learn about the Light and to improve themselves so that their light would grow and join with the Light or the Father as Gnostics called their creator.

The Light would send healing to humans, taking them by the hand to pick them up from the ground as they were not standing. They were asleep and healing them with haste like doctors and nurses would a terminally ill patient.
Medicine that is healing at times is not tasty. Healing can also be uncomfortable even painful.
Beings would arrive that in the Gospel of Thomas are described “Look like men but are not men for they are bright light in manly shape”. These beings of light would be doctors of the soul for those who saw themselves as separate from the Father but never were. It was only thinking and believing as being away from the Light and are welcomed by the Father on achieving knowledge of who they are, loved in every moment of their return home. Always loved even while they slept and unaware of their true power as already being part of the Light.
There is no blame in this creation story of the Gnostics. Humanity are not cursed by any gods. We have the ability to heal which is done by learning about ourselves and discovering who we are.

Even if the Coronavirus was created and distributed by man we can take this time to heal. In this way making something good out of something bad. Humanity, all of us together, have an opportunity to heal and be at peace with one another by taking these times to learn about ourselves and each other.

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