Negative and Positive Alien Intervention

Actions of advanced beings having a positive effect on Earth to include:
Disclose the true nature of reality and Earth.
Disclosure of the true nature of human beings and how to advance us.
Empower humanity by development but also empowering each individual human by learning about themselves and teaching individuals to feel empowered.
Extraction of particular resources for their use peacefully and not harming Earth or humans.
Developing free energy on Earth.
Development of new human healing systems.
Providing humanity with a means to travel in space.
Actions of advanced beings having a negative influence on Earth to include:
Confuse humanity further about the nature of reality and Earth.
Hide the true nature of human beings and to reverse us even further into ignorance of how to develop as a race.
Enslaving humanity and disenfranchising humanity from making any choices only those dictated by the alien aggressor.
Extracting resources by all means necessary and at minor cost to them and maximum damage to Earth and humanity.
I have shown some of the effects of the visitation of alien beings. I have read in some books notably “The Omniverse” by Alfred Lambremont Webber about alternative worlds. He states that there will some time soon be revelations by governments across the the world of alien visitation on Earth of which there are may types of races. Author David Icke concurs with Webber about a variety of alien beings now present on Earth such as Reptilians of which there are at least six types, Greys of which there are at least five, insect type aliens of which there are at least four. There are also
Acturians, Pleaidians and other aliens of light that are positive toward Earth and humanity Webber believe as well as aliens that look exactly as humans that are from Mars, some wish to harm human beings who have established underground colonies on Mars.
These are the beliefs of Webber, Icke and others, you can decide for yourself if any of this is true.
You see, looking at this situation, it is not so much a case of whether there are aliens or not or what type.
I show that in the actions of humanity we already concur with the action of possible aliens. We already have the positive attributes which we feel like and empowering others, teaching others information and skills they need, provision of machines and technology and this happens every day. Companies may in turn need resources so that they too can survive and continue their work. Then we have the negative attributes and behaviour that some of use to control others, to dominate, exploit and steal what is not theirs.
I believe that many of us have already shown great advancement as far as we humans can go. If it were a case of alien beings revealed I think the matter would be would these beings reflect our positive or negative attributes? Which of our attributes would win in our individual minds and hearts? Would we as a race accept continuing to be dominated and manipulated?
We could choose a willingness to be open and learn, insist on peaceful communication, equality and empowerment.
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