The Beginning of the Beginning

The Beginning of the Beginning
There are many creation stories, each as interesting as the other. Even Islam, Jewish, Christian and the Eastern religions I find interesting. You see, they all have their own way of expressing to different cultures how we came to be, many cultures then result in many religions. Personally Buddhism and Hinduism are my favourite. I like Buddhism because of the proliferation of meditations that so many including me have found healing. Hinduism has very beautiful imagery and breaks up into many types.
Indian people have a special place in my the Khajuraho Temples. Ancient stone carvings of statues covered the temples, women and men in many different sexual positions, believing to attain Nirvana through sacred sex, my understanding which is far from complete. I travelled to Varanassi, India, which is believed by Hindus to be at the steps of Heaven. In Varanasi the Hindu goddess of water is worshipped and to such an intensity I, as a very young man. was enthralled with the beauty, the chanting of priests, the multiple colored gowns of the worshippers, the thousands of candles on the riverside. The almost intoxicating scent of huge rods of incense. I joined in the chanting of prayers of a religion completely foreign but I could not help myself, I had to be part of it all.
Indian people have a special place in my heart.
Personally I like the Gnostic story of creation. What is interesting about the Gnostics is so little of their manuscripts survived yet what has survived and been has caused humanity to rethink our religions. What little we know of Gnostic teaching has caused tsunami waves through philosophy, religion and even spirituality.
The story goes hat three alien beings crated the Milky Way from the edge of the universe because of
pure boredom. Then one of the aliens fell away, Gnostics called the entity Sophia, and plummeted into the Milky Way. While doing so she became pregnant with what was an abomination, so ugly in comparison to the three beings that created the galaxy. Sophia turned herself into Planet Earth. He offspring imagined itself to be a god and became god over the Earth. The Gnostics believed Yahweh the Jewish God to be the personification of a false god. The Gnostics believed hat the true God is within every one of us. There is a variety of the Gnostic creation myth also.
Thousands of years ago there was none of these religions yet a proliferation of gods and goddesses dotted across the globe differing not just within countries but differing between communities. We seem to have forgotten that humans are not their religions we are citizens of the world and all connected.

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