Our Own World

What do you think when I say to you that the life experienced is the world experienced by our own self individually? That our whole world is our unique creation?

This may seem like an unusual comment yet this idea is supported by beliefs from a broad range of cultures, healers, many world leaders and even scientists.

Scientists know that each of us has a particular perception of life. We each see the world and everything in it differently. However scientists do believe that there is an objective world out there, a material planet that an be objectively experienced.

Buddist`s beliefs expand the knowledge of Western scientists. Buddhists believe that there is nothing in life except for the ego. The ego, the world, is the sum and total experience of every individual. Buddhists believe there is no objective world.

The idea of each one of us living in the world of our making does seem questionable. We may never know unless someone returns from the dead to compare death with how we experience life. Even then we will perceive the persons words differently to what is meant. This debate is thousands of years old, multiple spiritual theory and religions to explain away what we do not know.

Jung was a psychologist who studied Eastern and Western philosophy, spirituality and religions for most of his life. He believed there was a consciousness unconsciousness in each person and then his own belief in a “collective unconscious” To Jung we our Self from birth onwards and we are influenced by what he called “archetypes” which are representations of thoughts and beliefs in the form of images in all cultures. The Eternal Child archetype represents the Child, Jung theorised children believe in magic while at the same time learning to be a man. This would mean that an adult will have to deprogram a little from his maturity to discover spirituality.

The hard core theory Jung believes is that we create our world. We see the sun which is a reflection of our sun within, the light. Our gods prayed to, remind us of our god within that creates our world. These reminders of our self created world serve to remind us of the collective unconscious from which we emerged, the water of Creation and he believed the ego must dissolve back into. This is a quick guide to the beliefs of one of who was the most influential psychologists in the West of all time.

Using means to increase frequency in order to improve our world is most definitely an important element when we explore ourselves and the world. This is a practical aspect of development for some.

However, as Vicky Wall creator of Aura Soma said, “There is no point in being so close to Heaven that he is no use in serving people on the ground!!”. We need to physically act on the world no matter what world we live in!!!

Create your own life!!!







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