Clinton Vs Trump,The people behind the media image


I remember the American  presidential election where Hillary came up against Obama in 2008. I was really gunning for Hillary. Even though it was not an election in my country I was excited and stayed up all night. I was horrified after about 1.00 am Obama was wining large chunks of states across the map of America. By 3.00 am it became clear Obama would win. See! I remember it so well after eight years!

I liked Obama too. But the name Clinton meant a lot to me. Bill Clinton is seen as the most important American president in history in North South Irish politics, or the Troubles as the situation was known as. When Bill decided to really get involved things changed rapidly and now there is peace in Northern Ireland. Of course many others were involved but Bill Clinton was the only American president who had some understanding and had the right policies to help the Peace Process. I felt that Hillary might do the same in other countries because she would be backed by Bill. Also she is a highly intelligent woman, able to stand up for herself when she needs to and I think America, along with other countries, needs firm leadership now in a rapidly changing world. I understand the appeal Obama had. A black American president, charismatic with an ability to motivate people. When he was voted in there was a sense of America moving away from the old thinking of African American racism.

I also admired Hillary in 2008 as the media was clearly set against her and she had to deal with a biased media as well as a charismatic opponent. I remember the media rarely used her name when referring to her saying she, her or Obama`s opponent. I note her name is used now and the media seems to have warmed to her a bit more now. I was going through great challenges in 2008.  My manager was trying to fire me and I wanted to keep my job. I didn`t realize the resistance I would come up against and it really was a difficult time. And there was Hillary up against it too but fighting for what she wanted every step of the way. We both lost. I lost my job after a long struggle and she lost her campaign for the presidency. I admired her strength and she inspired me to fight for what I wanted. I still admire her. She was defeated in 2008, now she is returning to try again. That is what inner strength is about, never giving up on your dream even in the face of great opposition. If I was an American I don`t know if I`d vote for her. I`m don`t have enough information on the subject,  but I like her as a person.

What do I have to say about Donald Trump? I understand some of the issues in America and I see how he appeals to some. Some people like his policies because he`s responding to their needs. Personally he seems to be full of hate. I would like to be able to describe this man in a more positive way. I don`t think hate or a leader having such hate for others is helpful in any country. Hate is damaging for individuals toward others. Hate has been the driving force for many evils in history. World War one and two, civil war, colonialism. Trump talks about building high, thick walls. I feel sorry for him really. Maybe he needs to break down the walls he has built around himself against minority groups and in his behavior has toward others. He might become a happier man.

America needs a leader who can make the tough decisions. A leader who is not afraid of being unpopular when needing to do what`s right. A leader who will try to avoid unnecessary confrontation and build bridges instead of walls.

I`ve realized that I too, every day, have a choice to inspire people in a positive way through my actions and words or give way to my ego and lash out at people when I want to, be abusive towards others when I feel like it. I choose to try to inspire people and to be good to others.

What choice would you like to make as to how you treat others?


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Gabriel Woods

I am the author of The Golden Age Dawns, a fantasy science fiction book.I have traveled to many countries around the world including India, Australia, Scotland, England, Ireland, America, Amsterdam, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain. I have worked in mental health and disability for most of my life. I have an honours Degree in Psychology, a Masters in Aid-work Management, a Certificate in Counseling Skills and I am a certified coach. I have written my first novel, The Golden Age Dawns which will be published in Amazon at the end of April. I have a Kindle book available in Amazon Easter Rising 1916 A Family Answers The Call For Ireland`s Freedom which is very popular and has achieve high ratings. I have always aimed to help and support people all my working life. Much of my learning from this is in my book, some of the ideas I share on this blogging site along with beautiful places I write about that I have traveled to. I am concerned about world politics at the moment and hope that my new book will go toward making the world a better place and helping individuals feel better about themselves. I am living in Ireland near Dublin. Apart from writing my book I have been working as a volunteer on a helpline for people with depression, bipolar and depression. What I love most is traveling and sunny countries. I love to visit important spiritual, religious, or historic places when I am in holiday but I also like holidays on the beach. I have a wide variety of music that I like from pop music to dance music and rock music. My hobbies are social commentary, politics, reading all kinds of books, the gym, gardening, D.I.Y. I love to socialize and meet new people. I like to learn new things. I am the author of: Easter Rising 1916, A Family Answers The Call For Ireland`s Freedom My Novel The Golden Age Dawns. Gabriel Woods achieved a degree in psychology in University College Dublin, Ireland. He then studied a postgraduate course in UCD which focused on the management of humanitarian aid work. He learned about African culture and the issues aid workers face in Africa. Gabriel Woods has travelled around the world. He has lived in Sydney and Brisbane in Australia. He explored important religious and cultural Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim sites of India. He learned about the spiritual practices of the people that live and worship there. Gabriel Woods also spent time exploring important aboriginal sites in Australia and the lessons aboriginals have for humanity. Gabriel Woods has lived in Dublin, London and Edinburgh. He has travelled widely throughout mainland Europe including Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands and Germany with a focus on areas of cultural importance. These sites throughout the world that Gabriel has visited have had a profound effect on him which he expresses as he writes about these areas in his novel. Gabriel has returned to Ireland. He worked voluntarily for Aware helpline that supports people experiencing depression and anxiety. He is now a fully qualified life coach. He lives in a village near the banks of The Royal Canal.

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